October 14, 2018
7 months and 22 days left
until our celebration.
Join us for our 50th anniversary celebration
Join us for our 50th anniversary celebration

Welcome to our 50th Anniversary!

West Side Bible Church is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary the week of October 14 - 21, 2018 and You're Invited!

Help us to pass the word around the world: if you've ever been a part of West Side Bible Church, or you would like to celebrate with us, YOU"RE INVITED!. Come help us celebrate this great event.

West Side Bible Church has remained small and at the same location all this time. But in that time we have had a world-wide impact!. We have trained many pastors and laymen and women that have taken God's word around the world. We have continued teaching God's word in the way we started. We're 50, and going strong!

We expect the reunion to cover several days in the week of October 14-21, with the final celebration at the end of the week. The final schedule of events is being prepared.

For now, begin planning to join us for a great celebration. Look for those old pictures to post, and think about your stories to share. We look forward to all of it!

This website is designed  to get in touch early and help you:
  • Share your memories
  • Reunite with friends
  • Celebrate with us
Remeber, Fall in Arizona is one of the best times of the year. The weather is cool, the people are friendly, and there are many events available to make this a great get-away. Think about it, pray about it, and we hope you can join us. Please let us know on this website / RSVP. Thanks, and See you soon.

We would love to hear your memories - sign in to our public mesage board and leave a note.

Be sure to check back often, we have a lot of information and details coming soon. We're just getting started!

In His grace,
Mark Crigler
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